CandY's Adventures
CandY's Adventures

Welcome! We are now KnowMyTruth (KMT).  By clicking on the link you will be redirected to our new website... come check out what new and exciting things we're offering!  We are still adding dates and details so check back often. We will be promoting Lifestyle Workshops, Meet & Greets, lifestyle parties, and  our juicy, new programs to help make you a better lover to your spouse, boy/girlfriend, partner (s), and/or playmates. We are super excited about what we have to offer the community, whether you're just curious and wish to know more, are newbies entering the lifestyle for the 1st time, or are veterans who have been in for a while... we can help improve communication, issues with connecting with others, and increase intimacy. Our workshops and programs will be done mostly online from the comfort of your home. All of our events are focused on the principles we feel are most important within the Lifestyle - respect, consent, safety and fun.  





Welcome! Our name has change to Know MY Truth (KMT) , by clicking on the link above you will be redirected to our new website.

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