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Welcome to your new adventure and journey! My wife and I create events where newcomers and veterans are equally at home. Striving to make our events like no other, we gather together people from the SF Bay Area and beyond in one place so they can make connections in a safe, no pressure, sex positive, and relaxed atmosphere.  At our events, you are in charge of your exploration and its pace. 


We understand that first experiences can make or break a new comer's interest, so we aim to give them the best chance at success.  In our experience, being rushed to have sexual experience with others most often ends in tears.  Because of that, we do not tolerate aggressive behavior at our events, ever.  Nor do we allow that billion horny and pushy guys per couple nonesense that is common with some clubs and event planners.  Who is that fun for?  Instead, we stictly limit and hand pick the single males we allow to attend.

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