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House Parties (play optional event)

*Single Men - If you haven't followed the directions on our "Single Men" page, please do not purchase tickets.  Doing so will net you an immediate and permanent ban to all CandY's Adventures events and no refund.* 


Regardless if you’re new or a veteran, you are welcome to come enjoy a night of fun! This party, like all of our parties, is geared for all experience levels and is play optional. We provide a positive and relaxed atmosphere so that you can enjoy yourselves and explore within your own limits. Our average turn out is 55 people, average age of 43.


For theme parties, come in costume or dress as sexy as you are comfortable, costumes are not required to attend and get funky! If you wish to make wardrobe changes throughout the night, feel free. Just come have a fantastic time!  


Theme for Feb 29 2020 -Winter White - Costume is not required to attend.. As your host we always to be in theme.. cuz its lots of fun..

Time: 8pm to 1am-ish  

  • 6:15pm to 8pm is our open forum. If you are new or have questions, we recommend that you attend. This is always a good way to get the party started. You will meet other people in the process of learning the ropes and any questions you may have will hopefully be answered. This will also give you the ability to grow with the energy of the party. As people arrive, you will be able to have many conversations and avoid potentially feeling left out.
  • Doors close at 9:30 pm, so if you are going to be late please let us know.


Where: Livermore, off Murdel street


Who: Couples, single women, and select single men. If you are a couple and you have a single man you want to bring, please contact us for further info.


Cash at the door donation:

  • Couples $40-60
  • Single Females $10-20
  • Single Males $65-100 (Limit 3, prior attendance to our lifestyle class and being in our good standing is required.)


We provide: Condoms & lube in all the rooms, shower in case you need to clean up (no play in showers please), outdoor fireplace and smoking area (please keep your voices low outside, no one is interested in a visit from the LPD), ice, and water.


Please bring: A dish or appetizer to share, favorite drink & mixer, towels for cleaning yourself up, a waterproof blanket/sheet (if you’re a squirter), and any special items you might need for your playing experience.


There are several hotels within 3 miles of the event, if you would like to avoid a long drive home or want to have your own private after party. Exact address will be given out the day before out event.


Please confirm that you will be attending as soon as possible, as we often have a waiting list. Thank you so much in advance!


House Rules:

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in you being asked to leave and being banned from future events.

  1. Always ask before you touch
  2. No means NO
  3. Be aware of peoples boundaries, never assume, and always ask first
  4. No aggressive behavior allowed – do not be pushy in social areas or bedrooms
  5. Do not loiter in or hog the bedrooms, other people want to have fun too
  6. Do not enter the bedrooms unless invited, or hover in hopes of being asked to join
  7. Viewing is permitted no more that 5min per room
  8. No touching or otherwise engaging with anyone playing without verbal consent from them and their play partner(s)
  9. Nudity allowed in bedrooms only, in all social areas you must be clothed
  10. Be courteous and respectful of your fellow merry makers
  11. This is not a pay for play event – you may or may not play
  12. Have zero expectations and make friends
  13.  Single men who show up with a date will leave with their date


Ticket Sales Policies

Be sure to include the website you were referred from and your screen name there in the "Note to seller" so that we can properly apply your ticket purchase.  Failure to do so will result in your money being refunded and ticket forfeited.

Feb29 2020 Winter White Party" Tickets

*Single Men - Second warning - If you haven't followed the directions on our "Single Men" page, please do not purchase tickets. Doing so will net you an immediate and permanent ban to all CandY's Adventures events. and If you pay with out speaking with me you may not receive a refund

Select Your Ticket
  • Refunds on tickets available up to 24 hours before the party, after which all sales are final.   
  • CandY's Adventures reserves the right to reject any sales at any time for any reason.


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