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Single Men



Read Carefully,

Cost for both Class and Party is $ 100.00

If you have been to our class - $ 70.00

Do not purchase your ticket before you speak to me other wise you may not receive a refund if all single male spots are reserved...


Alright boys, here's the deal.  Like it or not, the vast majority of fellows past and present have already ruined it for you, and continue to do so daily across every Lifestyle related site on the net.  Shit attitudes, crap behavior, and general douchebaggery.  Because of this, CandY's Adventures doesn't allow just any guy to come to our events.  We have to be selective in attendance, else we’ll spend most of our time sorting out problems and taking repeated hits to our reputation as event holders.  We also have to limit single male attendance, else our events will be nothing more than a sausage fest where no one is having a good time.

That selectiveness and those limitations may look like a bunch of suck on the surface, but, there are some advantages in them for you if you attend our events.  That’s right, there’s bonuses in it for you.  Unlike an open attendance event, our numbers are intentionally balanced with a slightly higher number of females to males.  There aren’t 15 other dudes trying to talk up one girl or couple, which means you get more opportunity for face time.  Furthermore, there is a distinct lack of decent single guys in the Lifestyle.  Because you’re at one of our events, you’ve already been vetted to a degree.  This gives you a leg up that you wouldn’t have at a bar or club.  



What we need from you


So you say you’re a good guy and won’t cause any problems?  Maybe that’s true, and maybe it’s not.  Plain fact is, action talks and bullshit walks.  You’re going to need to do some work, make some effort, if you want to join in.  If that’s not of interest, that’s cool, but you’re not welcome at our events.

First thing you need to do is follow directions exactly.  No arguing them, no trying to talk your way around them, no half assing them.  Thing is, if we can’t trust you to do something as simple as this, why would we trust you to behave at an event?  So, if you’ve added yourself to one of our guest lists, go back and read the event details.  Per the directions, should your name be on that guest list?  If not, remove it before continuing to read, we’ll wait for you.

Second item we need from you is an interview, which can be done at one of our Lifestyle Basics classes.  Shoot us an email or text to get that process started.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to wear a suit and tie.  This isn’t about how nice/stylish you can dress, how built/attractive you are, what the size of your package is, or any of that other fluff.  This is so we get to know who you are, can assess if you’re in the right mindset, and give you some pointers to help your game.  If we’re confident that it’s really not going to work out, we’re going to tell you that too.

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