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Meet & Greets (non-play events)



*Single Men - If you haven't been to the Lifestyle Orienation Session and/or cleared things through us, please do not bother showing up, your presence is not welcome.* 


Come on out to Sh’booms Night Club and help us let loose! Let’s get out of the house and shake our booties! It’s a Meet & Greet that will be rock'n to DJ Ben E as he spin 2 decades of music! Sh’booms Night Club also offers a great dinner buffet, the cost of which is included in their small cover charge.


We have a reserved the area behind the DJ, so please arrive early if you wish to get a seat with us. We recommend arriving early if you are haven’t been to one of our events before. This will give us a chance to speak with you before the music starts and all the fun begins. For those that will be arriving later, there will also be plenty of seating adjacent to our reserved area.


Time: 6:00pm ‘til 2:00am (if you decide to stay that long)

  • Buffet: 6pm - 8pm
  • DJ starts at 8pm sharp!


Where: Sh’booms Night club 2410 San Ramon Valley Blvd. Suite 130 San Ramon, CA 94583


Cost: Sh'booms Night Club charges CandY's Adventures group members a cover of $10.00 per person, so please be sure to mention CandY's Adventures when paying at the door. Otherwise, the cover charge is $16 per person.


Dress code: Men, dress to impress (collared shirt and dress shoes required for men). Ladies, wear those sexy and sassy outfits. Full details are available on Sh’booms Night Club website.


When you arrive, please come find us behind the DJ booth, where we will be handing out wrist bands. The wrist bands are so we can identify each other, as we will be mixing it up with the local Vanillas, sharing the dance floor and bar. This is especially helpful for new folks attending the event.





*Single Men - If you haven't been to the Lifestyle Orienation Session and/or cleared things through us, please do not bother showing up, your presence is not welcome.* 


It's an afternoon of drink, conversation, and meeting old and new friends! Come on out to Blacksmith Square near downtown Livermore... 


Yes, this is a little different than our norm and we are hoping to continue doing destination meet and greets throughout the bay area this year… Who doesn't want to meet others of like mind.. Its early enough in the day so you may conclude your night with the people you might meet….


When: 1pm-5pm


Weather - Please dress appropriately


Where: Blacksmith Square 
             21 South Livermore
             Livermore, Ca. 94550

Look for our sign - CandYs Adventures
Side note - Swirls is Located here along side Tap 25 for the beer lovers and food is nearby as we are next to downtown
Single males - a limit of 5 spots are available. This is for single men who have been to our lifestyle basic class or those whom I have spoken or emailed before. Single men don't contact me If you have not been to our class asking if you may attend…. please do not add your name or it will be removed - follow directions please
RSVP is appreciated! This lets others and myself know who is attending and might want to meet…

If this is an event you enjoy, please remember to invite others who may not know of this event and tell them to join CandY`s Adventures so that they will know of future events.


If you have any questions, please contact us either by email or call (925-570-7371)




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