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What's a CandY's party like?  


Imagine you're going to a party. A generic one that isn't celebrating anything, just an excuse to hang out. There are lots of people eating, drinking, laughing, talking. They're in the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, and the hall. Some of them know each other, some are meeting for the first time, and there are a few that end up on their own and/or are looking lost. There is music, but not really noticeable most of the time. Out back there is a patio with some chairs and an outdoor fireplace. Some of the folks there are smoking, some vaping, some both, some neither. The voices are usually lowered, so as not to annoy the neighbors.

Later in the evening, people will disappear for a bit and come back a while later looking disheveled and possibly in different outfits. Some bare breasts may appear sporadically, and maybe someone is trading party favors for kisses. If you go down the hall to where the bedrooms are, you'll discover where those people have been disappearing to. You'll be able to peek in on what's going on in all three rooms, unless a door is closed.  You can watch for a while, ask to join in, and/or to ask to share the room if there is free space. While watching or elsewhere, you may get invited to join in on a room, which is also up to you to accept or decline, no wrong answer. You may also be asked if touching is ok, if kissing you is ok. Again, no wrong answer.

And that's the party! Other than the fucking going on in the bedrooms, it's a typical party. Oh, and there will likely be a line to the bathrooms a lot of the evening.

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