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Couple's Powwow and Lifestyle Orientation Session (non-play events)

Everyone is new at some point.  Even those that have played with others a time or two are not likely to be up on the common nuances of the Lifestyle.  New ones tend to have a ton of questions, many fears, and sadly a lot of disinformation.  To help educate those considering giving the Lifestyle a try, we host two sessions a month, the Powwow for couples only and the pre-party Orientation Session for couples and singles alike.  The topics we cover include proper behavior, best practices for approaching others, safety, the difference between aggressive vs assertive, the right attitude for attending events, and more.  Classes are not held in a stuffy classroom, but rather in our very own living room, a relaxed and casual environment.  While we do feel this is a class that everyone should attend at least once, attendance is required only for single males that wishes to attend our events.   


Note to Single Men – All single men are required to prepay for the session prior to signing up.  Cash at the door is no longer accepted.  Failing to have prepaid will have you removed from the attendee list.


When – 6:30-7:45pm

Where – Livermore, CA (Address to be provided to confirmed guests)


Donation Rates:

Single Male, orientation only - $40

Single Male, orientation /party combo - $100


Single females & couples - FREE






Ticket Sales Policies

Be sure to include the website you were referred from and your screen name there in the "Note to seller" so that we can properly apply your ticket purchase.  Failure to do so will result in your money being refunded and ticket forfeited.

Please send us an emal at

  • Refunds on tickets available up to 72 hours before the party, after which all sales are final.   
  • CandY's Adventures reserves the right to reject any sales at any time for any reason.


Feb 29 2020 Lifestyle Orientation & Party Tickets

Everyone can learn a little! And its Mandatory for Single men

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